How to install WordPress with Installatron

Installing WordPress using Installatron is similar to Softaculous, but it does have a few more options to offers. I find Softaculous installer much easier and fluid compared to Installatron. First, you need to log into your cPanel and look under the Software section for Installatron Application Installer. Once you locate it, then click on it … [Read more…]

WordPress User Roles Explained

When you install WordPress, the first account is created as the Administrator account.  This account gives you full control over your entire WordPress site. You can also create 5 other roles in WordPress that will have less access.  These are good if you want to give access to someone to create and or manage posts … [Read more…]

How to create an Amazon AWS account

So you want to create an Amazon S3 account.  Excellent. An S3 account is and great place to store your backups and media files for your website.  Because of Amazon’s excellent infrastruce, its perfect to store your backups, and also host your large media files.  If you have large video files and you do not … [Read more…]

How to disable WordPress comments

WordPress has a pretty good/basic comment section, but it’s notorious for getting spammed very heavily. You can manually turn off comments for each post or page, but that is extra work.  A plugin I like to use is called Disable Comments.  It will automatically remove the comments section from all my Posts and Pages, for … [Read more…]